Revived Enamel Pins

$6.00 - $80.00
Revived Enamel Pins

-Black nickel metal plating
-Rubber backing
-Approx. 5 cm tall for most ('S' pin being the exception at around 3 cm tall)

Each box set comes with the 8 standard quality pins in a magnetic closure box

Kwee's evil game of not letting you choose which character you get. Pins will be of standard or seconds quality, you may never know, but Kwee gets a lot of people telling her that her seconds pins are standard quality so you will probably get some good pins.

  • M
    4 available 67%
  • K
    Sold out
  • V
    3 available 60%
  • T
    1 available 17%
  • S
    16 available 84%
  • CK
    Sold out
  • R
    3 available 60%
  • CH
    Sold out
  • Set
    Sold out
  • Mystery
    56 available 34%